BY Asesores is a world-class professional services boutique that works with both corporate and private clients, assisting them in various phases of the development and execution of their businesses. We focus on four main areas:

• Corporate Governance

• Negotiation

• Conflict

• Change

We offer an advisory model that integrates all critical underlying variables of the business matter; such as the economic, legal, financial and strategic factors. This integrated approach ensures best understanding and full alignment to the objectives of our clients. Our know-how and experience, together with our technological resources, give us a unique edge to deliver a very timely and cost-effective high quality service.



To serve each client with dedication, thoroughness and all our talent, ensuring the overall improvement of their businesses in a smart and innovative manner. This is achieved by a high quality professional advisory that fully understands the needs of our clients.


To be Chile’s best specialty professional services boutique, developing close and personalized relationships with each and every client.


Loyalty towards the client, always.
Innovation and Transformation represent opportunities.
Diversity and Meritocracy help create value.
Trust, Persuasion and Collaboration are necessary to reach agreements.
Orientation to obtain concrete and relevant results motivates action.